A Prayer of Thanksgiving

IMG_1137I’ve been doing drawn meditations based off of scripture or spiritual pieces.  I’m attracted to texts that come from other times of social disruption, those scary, creative times when the range of possibilities opens wide and people find new ways to seek God.  This seems to be the moment we’re in now, and I’ve been looking back at a much earlier moment that has some profound similarities.  The Early Church period was full of contrasting ideas about Jesus, full of argument, really, but also full of some beautiful expressions of piety and wonder.  God had come down and dwelt among us, which meant that people could claim, really for the first time in Monotheism, that they had met God, touched God, smelled and heard God.  It was an extravagant notion, and some unknown early Christians responded with this extravagant prayer, which was found in Nag Hammadi in 1945.  I found it in A New New Testament, Hal Taussig, ed.

1 This is the prayer they said: We give thanks to you, every life and heart stretches toward you, O name untroubled, honored with the name of God, praised with the name of Father. 2 To everyone and everything comes the kindness of the Father, and love and desire. 3 And if there is a sweet and simple teaching, it gifts us mind, word, and knowledge: mind, that we may understand you; word, that we may interpret you; knowledge, that we may know you. 4 We rejoice and are enlightened by your knowledge. We rejoice that you have taught us about yourself. 5 We rejoice that in the body you have made us divine6 through your knowledge. 6 The thanksgiving of the human who reaches you is this alone: that we know you. 7 We have known you, O light of mind. O light of life, we have known you. 8 O womb of all that grows, we have known you. 9 O womb pregnant with the nature of the Father, we have known you. 10 O never-ending endurance of the Father who gives birth, so we worship your goodness. 11 One wish we ask: we wish to be protected in knowledge. 12 One protection we desire: that we not stumble in this life.   13 When they said these things in prayer, they welcomed one another, and they went to eat their holy food, which had no blood in it.

Taussig, Hal (2013-03-05). A New New Testament: A Bible for the 21st Century Combining Traditional and Newly Discovered Texts (p. 8). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

And here’s the text of my meditation, which can also be found scribbled in the picture above:

Name untroubled, we have known you.  We have known you when you curled your limbs, as only a child can curl her limbs.  We have known you as we once knew ourselves, when we were small and weak. A knowing before memory.  A knowing that only we can know.  And we know that this is your one pure gift – to give us to ourselves.  And so, Thanksgiving,  Great All-Being, smallest source of everything, who knows and anoints our knowing.


One response to “A Prayer of Thanksgiving

  1. This is beautiful Karl. And I really like your drawing of a mother with her child who is touching its mother’s face so gently’ Peace be with you.

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